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Smart Door Sensor

Smart Door Sensor

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Enjoy Your Smart Life!

Leave your private space with peace of mind. If the Smart Door Sensor opens or closes, a notification will be sent to your phone, so you can discover the intruder in time.

  • Track the history of the sensor’s activity.
  • Personalize and automate the notifications.
  • Share the device with your family members.
  • Add it to your home screen to see its state at any given time.
  • Sync it to Alexa and Google Home

No subscription needed!

Easy to Install!

No complicated installation tools required. The sensor can be installed with the included double-sided adhesive tape or screws in just a few steps.

Use it on doors, windows, drawers, cupboards, mailboxes and more!

Then download the app “Smart Life” or scan the barcode on the side of the box to start receiving alerts. 

Package Contents:

1 * Sensor Kit

2 * Double-sided Stickers

1 * Screw Kit

1 * User Manual 


Battery type: AAA

Size: 70 * 20 * 16 mm

Gross weight: 70 g

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